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Post by ishare on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:23 am

1.1 The topics that will be "Pinned" are determined by Moderators, so do not ask to pin your topic.

1.2 The personal message system is for simple discussion, do not harass another member.

1.3 Do not send messages to promote you to a group (Moderators, etc.). You can join each group in specific ways.

1.4 New topics should also be  in the correct categories. If you do not know in which category to post your subject just ask!

1.5 The titles of the topics should be relevant to the subject, and do not contain symbols, etc.

1.6 Do not spam

1.7 You should not put anything offensive or vulgar in your avatar and signatures.

1.8 Do not abuse other members and generally do not bother in Forum.

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