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Post by Mattia on Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:59 am

Designated Survivor (2016-) Design10
Designated Survivor (2016-) Traile11

When a bomb attack will take off
the life of the President of America and the entire ministry
council, Kiefer Sutherland suddenly becomes her new president
country. Overnight it will have to rule a country plunged into fear
of terrorism and without knowing that this was just the beginning.
Actors: Natascha McElhone, Adan Canto, Italy Ricci
The script has been written by David Guggenheim ("Safe House"),
who will also perform producer duties with Simon Kinberg ("The
Martian "," X-Men, Days Of Future Past "). The leading role
is Kiefer Sutherland, and Natascha is also starring
McElhon ("Californication"), Maggie Q ("Nikita"), Kal Penn ("Harold
& Kumar »), Italy Ricci, Adan Canto, Tanner Buchanan and LaMonica

Creator: David Guggenheim
Stars: Kiefer Sutherland, Adan Canto, Italia Ricci


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